Customer Testimonials

October 2018

I was hunting in the Walla Walla Unit in Oregon when my Yamaha four wheeler just stopped and I could not get it to turn over. I loaded it up and headed for Walla Walla. When I got there I found the address of [USA Honda]. I headed across town and found your facility.

I went in and talked to the manager, I believe. I asked if they worked on Yamaha four wheelers. He told me they worked on them. I then asked if I could get someone to work on ir right away. He told me that the crew was on lunch break and would take care of it when they returned. I then asked him if there was somewhere close where I could get something to eat. He told me no, but I could order in. He then asked what I would like. I told him pizza. He ordered it for me. When the pizza was delivered I told the person helping me that I would be in my pickup if they needed me. 

It was a short time later he came out with my four wheeler and told me they were all done. He then told me that I needed to changed my air filter as it was in need of a new one. He told me he could order me a filter and send it to me. He then said it would cost too much, but I needed to get it changed as soon as I could. 

I thanked him for the fast service and all the help with getting me something to eat.

I am writing to let you know that you are the top of the line of service facility. 

I want to thank you very much and all of your staff for the great service and getting me back on the road. 


— L.C., Tillamook, Oregon

September 2015

Recently on a vacation out west, 1600 miles from home, my 2007 Honda Goldwing trike became disabled due to a minor traffic accident. As it turned out, the diagnosis of the accident-created damage revealed more significant damage to the front suspension and some of the parts in the trike kit.

After some quick searches to find a repair shop, we found USA Honda in Walla Walla, WA. A quick call to the dealer was encouraging as the owner stated that he would make us a top priority. Unfortunately, this occurred at the beginning of the Labor Day weekend which necessarily extended our delay. However, as soon as the weekend was over, Eric (dealer/owner) and his team began analyzing the trike and ordering the replacement parts. Despite some hurdles with getting the parts, once they received them, they planned their solution with our timeline as the primary consideration. In fact, they divided the tasks between the three technicians and completed the rebuild in a matter of hours. Afterwards, they discussed the repairs with us and explained what all they had done.

Bottom line: They were great to work with, were empathic, professional and didn't exacerbate the situation by adding on unrelated work. They had us back on the road as quickly as was reasonably possible given the magnitude of the changes. I would highly recommend this shop. They would have all my business if I lived in that area.

—M.0, Johnston, Iowa